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Wingspan: 102" (2600mm)

Length: 90"


Engine: 100-120cc

Edge 540 2.6m (102")

Dominating a lot of today’s AirRaces, the Edge 540 gained more and more popularity. Many modelers are fascinated by its particular shape of the fuselage with the huge fin and the smooth cowling. A shame that most of our competitor’s Edge kits feature only the special wing geometry, but have nothing to do with the full-scale Edge 540 concerning the fuselage.

Well, another challenge for CARF Models was created. We designed our brand new Edge from the ground up. It’s definitely NOT an Extra with modified cowling and tail, as you can see so often... We used original drawings from the full-scale to create a solid model with modern CAD techniques.


The CARF Models Edge 540 is the first aerobatic plane of our huge catalog which uses separated ailerons. They are laminated in their own molds and pin hinged like the elevator or rudder of our conventional kits. The counterbalances emphasize the scale appearance of our Edge and they also decrease the load on the servos – they definitely don’t get sloppy really quick.

Besides those breathtaking features, look at the other sweet little details of our Edge 540:

  • The fuselage is amazingly huge, in particular compared to other 2.6m planes! It’s a little crazy (we tried it with the prototype), but even a 150-170cc engine will fit under the large cowl. The total weight will be slightly increased of course, but the power is breathtaking. It’s definitely something different ;-).
  • Of course, the smartest way will be a 100-120cc boxer to keep the plane lightweight. For sure, you’ll get the best flight performance with that setup. A 85cc single cylinder engine with tuned pipe might be sufficient regarding the power, but you can get in troubles with the CG. Always remember, because of its particular wing geometry, it’s nearly impossible to become too nose heavy with this plane!
  • The ailerons allow deflection angles of 45-50°. We tried it. It’s almost impossible to control the incredible fast rolls. A new challenge for super talented pilots for sure. Our Edge allows you to go new ways in 3D Freestyle. Of course, you can also reduce the deflection angles a little and still have the same precision of our conventional, skin-hinged ailerons.
  • Same game with the elevator: This Edge is agile as hell! You can perform the craziest walls, blenders and rollovers to cheer the crowd. And still, the Edge 540’s precision flying capabilities are much, much better than you thought.
  • Again: Even with the large control surfaces and the typical wing geometry, our 540 performs really well in IMAC and sequences. The snaps are crispy with no tendency to overturn. Our pilots were really surprised how good it works, regarding all the bad opinions of many concerning the precision capabilities of an Edge.

If you are looking for an Edge 540 which really deserves that name, you’re right at CARF Models once again! Get the brand-new, ultimate 3D-machine right now.

More color schemes, image galleries, videos and pilots comments will follow soon. Or maybe we get some feedback from you, being one of the first pilots experiencing this new masterpiece from CARF Models ? We’re always curious...


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