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óculos Light Densidade Blue Gradiente (BG-S)

Long-Lasting Extreme Glare Sunglasses - Durability & Resilience Guaranteed

The lifestyles that we have right now differ greatly with what they had in the past. Some of us need to stay under the sun for long hours. This gives your eyes a hard time, and the longer you stay under the sun, the more UV rays your eyes soak up. The Extreme Glare Sunglasses are the best pair of sunglasses that you can get. Not only do you get the best eye protection you also get the best value for your money.

The Extreme Glare Sunglasses are made from the best quality materials which undergoes the Swiss technology process. With the unique and great XG technology you are able to enjoy outdoor sports, hobbies and all other activities without risking your eyes health.

With Extreme Glare Sunglasses we have our line of original sunglasses under our light density category. We have different lenses and gradients available for different needs. We have three types of base lenses which are gray base lenses, rose base lenses and super dark lenses.

Aside from the base lenses that we have, our line of sunglasses also has different gradients. The gradient on sunglasses is the color that fades from dark to light. For our line of original sunglasses you are to choose from silver gradient, blue gradient and gold gradient. Our line of durable eye ware is made up of the different combinations of base lenses and gradients. Choose from gray base lenses combined with any of the silver, blue and gold gradients for full bright sunny days. Rose base lenses combined with the same available gradient colors, this goes the same for the super dark lenses.

These different combinations are perfect for the different eye protection needs in different weather settings. UVA and UVB rays are still present despite the different weather conditions. You would not want to compromise your eyes health even at the slightest. With features that benefit both your eyes and your pocket, you would not go wrong with any of the pairs that we are offering. Not only do you get protection from the harmful UV rays, these resilient sunglasses also provide protection from different flying debris that can abrade or cause serious eye injury.

Aside from the original sunglasses line that we have we also have other accessories that especially made for your pair of Extreme Glare Sunglasses. Another addition to our product line of resilient sunglasses is replacement temples, floating case, pilot strap and float strap. Like The Extreme Glare Sunglasses, these are durable and practical.

Practicality is also a feature that we offer our customers. The durability of our sunglasses makes you use them for a long period of time while still staying fashionably stylish. This way you need not to buy sunglasses every so often and this is one of the best ways we help you save. We also have a warranty system that guarantees the quality of our products and this way we provide a positive experience for our customers. In protecting your eyes, you do not suffer excessive exposure to harmful UV rays as well as debris preventing any serious eye disease that will require the expensive surgery. Early eye protection is way economical that going for eye surgeries to correct or treat these eye diseases.

Let Extreme Glare Sunglasses take care of those sensitive beautiful eyes. You need not worry about those eyes that you value. Trust only the experts. We, the makers of the Extreme Glare Sunglasses, we are all about the best way to protect those eyes. We do not compromise eye health with profit.

Extreme Glare Sunglasses value your eyes. The value we feel for our customers is shown through our service center and parts that can easily be accessed for continues eye protection. Like if you need Replacement Temples (ear pieces), they are free. If you see one of our representatives at any show or event, you can receive a pair at no charge. However, if we need to mail them to you from the Zurich office, we charge a small fee of $4.95 for shipping/handling.

If your Zurich lenses are broken, we need to see them. Send them back to the Zurich office along with a check for $8.95 for return shipping/handling. Make sure you write clearly your name, address and phone number. International customers will need to Contact the Zurich office to determine what the international shipping cost is.

All Sunglasses include a Free Floating Case, a great accessory to protect the pair of Extreme Glare Sunglasses that you own. This floating case is lightweight for easy carry so that when you are not using the Extreme Glare Sunglasses, you are able to keep it. Just like our durable sunglasses, it is also made from quality material that is sure to keep up with the sunglasses.

These are only a few of what The Extreme Glare Sunglasses have to offer. There is no doubt that these pair of tough sunglasses will be able to keep up with whatever activity you have in mind as well as keep your eyes safe from the harmful UV rays and debris. There is no other eye protection that you will encounter like The Extreme Glare Sunglasses. These resilient sun glasses will go to the extreme to get the glare of your eyes. You get healthy and safe eyes from the sun courtesy of The Extreme Glare Sunglasses.

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