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Ultra Flash (Thunderbirds Scheme)
  • Wingspan: 64.5" (1640 mm)
  • Length: 81.5" (2065 mm)
  • Weight: 21-23 Lbs (9.5-10.5 kg) dry
  • Power: 70-120 N
  • Servos: 9 high class digital servos

Observação: Trem de Pouso e Tanque auxiliar para fumaça são vendidos separadamente em nosso site.


Surprise, surprise! How long did you wait for this news? CARF Models has upgrated the worlds most successful Sport Jet to an even more advanced level. Construction follows the same process as the original Flash, the fuselage is identical, as is the process for installing the elevator servos. The wings use the same combined gear cover and aileron/flap servo mounting plate.

  • Updated aerodynamic wing shape with all new wing tips
  • Updated tail with less dihedral
  • Better CG position
  • Extreme level of prefabrication

A 2.2 litre conformal fuel cell in the fuselage, a double-wall thrust tube, full-flow turbine bypass system, and all bulkheads, engine and servo mounts are preinstalled for you. It gives you plenty of options for your choice of turbine. As ideal we recommend engines in the thrust range of 8-12 kg, even though 16 kg engines may fit, it is highly recommended to turn down the maximum thrust for safe operation.

The huge wing opening and the large canopy give plenty of access for the equipment installation. There is a wealth of accessories which CARF has tested in the “Ultra Flash” and CARFs recommendations still leave you the freedom of choice.

The well proven combination of Behotec gear and Intairco wheels & brakes fits the plane like a hand in a glove, however, CARF offers the Jet-1A landing gear with trailing link struts as well. The wheels fit a wheel well in the bottom wing and CARF omitted the need of separate gear doors. No additional moving parts, and still perfect aerodynamics.

The flying performance is overwhelming. Total simplicity for unlimited flying fun, a racy look and sophisticated aerodynamics. The "Ultra Flash’ has it all. Speeds up to the AMA limit of 200 mph, vertical climbs out of sight, most neutral behaviour in rolling maneuvers (almost no knife edge mix is required) and withstanding the g-loads of tight loops and turns. The thick one-piece wing is not only responsible for this rigidity, but also for the wide speed range, allowing the slowest fly-bys and landing approaches, supported by specially designed flaps with speed brake extensions to the top.

The CARF “Ultra Flash” is an impressive model airplane, a great investment over all. It makes you look good and lets you have a great time at the flying field. What else do you need to have your jet flying fun?
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