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Extra Carf 330SC 3.1m 41% (Skydancer Scheme Black/Magenta)

     122" (3100 mm)


      112" (2850 mm)


     39 - 42 Lbs (18 - 19.5 kg) dry


     150 - 220 cc


     9-11 high power digital servos

General Information

The Extra 330SC is the newest addition to the line of Walter Extra Flugzeugbau in Germany. It bases on the very successful Extra 300S and incorporates all the small changes, which had been done to the 300S over time, such as a more powerful engine, larger counter balance surfaces on the elevators and ailerons and a lot of other small upgrades.
Most significantly, the 330SC has received a new, much more aerodynamic cowling, fitting a larger, more pointed spinner as well. All in all these modifications have improved the lines of the plane remarkably, but most of all, the performance.
We modelers notice immediately that all the full size modifications being done to this 330SC will definitely make it a better model airplane, too. The route towards larger control surfaces, greater counter balances, more streamlined cowling and other aerodynamic parts, had been marched by us modelers for years, not to say decades. So, in other words, the 330SC is exactly what we aerobatic pilots have always wanted.
CARF-Models has consequently taken all the above into consideration, and added some of the latest composite production technologies, to make this all new 3.1m Extra the best Extra ever built.

Get hooked. The best Extra of all times even got better! It is going to be your dream-flagship of the season.


He special feature of the 3.1m Extra 330SC wings are the separate, centre hinged ailerons. They allow higher throws and move with more symmetry than skin hinged ailerons. As opposed to the smaller CARF-Models aerobatic planes, the weight penalty does not hurt as much, so the advantages outperform the disadvantages on a 3+ meter airplane by far.  But not only does the CARF Extra 330SC feature the new centre hinged ailerons with counter balances, we have redesigned the hinge system in a way that the aileron becomes much lighter. The long, heavy hinge pin is not required anymore, which also eliminates the vibration noise which came with it. A new wing geometry will fit better to the 8% stretched fuselage and gives our 330SC true 3.1m (122“) wing span, making it feel even lighter in 3D manoeuvres. Modified angles of attack of wing and stab reduce the knife edge mixing to almost zero.




The elevators have received full size counter balances. The rudder trailing edge has been widened to a massive 8 mm, creating much better slow flight and high alpha characteristics, at the same time, provides smoother reactions at high speeds, without reducing the impressive rudder authority. We prepare each stab and elevator for the possible upgrade to two servos, but do only install one set of control horns. The very powerful HV servos today provide sufficient torque and precision. However, if a 4-cyl engine is used, the additional weight of a second elevator servo per half will not be a problem.




The fuselage of the CARF Extra 330SC 3.1m has initially been created for our first Extra 330S in 1999, then evolved into the very popular SuperXtra, got stretched once more and structurally redesigned, and resulted in our newest Extra 30SC fuselage with the very short canopy and improved rudder/fin geometry. Very high attention was placed in the landing gear mount, being reinforced and redesigned quite a few times, resulting now in our strongest gear mount ever installed in a 40% aerobatic airplane. The fuselage has longitudinal stiffeners along the sides, a crucial reinforcement former in the rudder fin and an all carbon reinforced motordome area. Fuel tank mounts, rudder servo mounts are CNC milled, included but not installed, to give everybody the freedom to either install it our way, or follow their own preference as they like. There is enough room to install either canisters or full length pipes, as long as a large venting hole at the bottom fuselage is cut and reinforced, to prevent electrical equipment from overheating. Structurally the fuselage material will take any possible muffler heat easily without damage or fatique.



The new style, two-part cowling is large, gives room for any 170 cc twin cylinder engine as well as 200-220 cc four cylinder engines, since the motordome of the fuselage is short enough. An adapter is included to fit the shorter 2 cyl. Engines easily. This adapter allows the mounting of a 2-cyl engine with long M6 bolts to still anchor the load in the main firewall. There is plenty of space for all types of headers in order to install either full length tuned pipes or canisters. Cylinder-mounted mufflers have also enough room under the cowl. The cowling has the front face towards the spinner backplate perfectly aligned so that the correct thrust lines have to be copied from this front face. Tested in many airplanes and setups, these thrust lines are right and will not need adjustments during your first trim flights. the two-part design allows the top cowl to be removed without removing prop and spinner, making it easily accessible for way-forward mounted batteries in case you prefer to fly the plane quite nose heavy with a 2 cyl. engine installed.




Landing Gear

The landing gear does not only come with streamlined wheel pants, but also with production style gear cuffs, to make the appearance more scale like. The thickness of the gear leg has been adjusted several times to create the correct "spring dampening" at the anticipated weight of this aircraft to protect the carbon/plywood mount in the fuselage from damage during less than perfect landings or bumpy grass fields. However, they just have the needed stiffness to have the plane sit right on the runway during taxi, take-off and landing.



Color Schemes

Lots of schemes are available as custom order schemes, these are the schemes we already made once and they are available for review on this website. Some of these schemes have developed into real "stock schemes" which we try to keep in stock for you for immediate delivery. Lots of new schemes are coming out continuously, which always give you the chance to own the latest and greatest, but also might allow you to capitalize on a great deal on a discounted older stock scheme. Contact your Sales Rep on stock details and specials or email to



Flying Performance

Intensive discussions with our customers, contest pilots and team members, have revealed that the recipe for success would be literally the combination of two worlds. In one way, it should satisfy the most scrutinizing contest pilot in the way it flies, but also look like the full scale aircraft without silly alterations. In the other way, it needed to allow at a defined CG setting, weirdest and most extreme freestyle maneouvers and at the same time, with a more conservative CG setting, without further modifications, allow smooth and predictable sequence flying in top class contests.

A candid tail moment and large control surfaces sign responsible for the high agility in 3D flying. Yet for sequence flying the tail moment is just right, too, to track perfectly and still show the break in snaps as the judges want to see it. The ailerons are perfectly sized. They allow incredible roll rates with only two servos, but are not too large to still allow precise sequence flying. Due to the fine tuned airfoil and the little mass in the outer wing areas the 330SC snaps crisp and stops predictably. The wide rudder trailing edge increases precision and stability in fast flight and smoothness in 3D high alpha maneuvers. Only very little knife edge coupling needs to be compensated.


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